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Google Webmaster

  • Engaging users through high quality AMP pages

    To improve our users' experience with AMP results, we are making changes to how we enforce our policy on content parity with AMP. Starting Feb 1, 2018, the policy requires that the AMP page content […]

  • Make your site's complete jobs information...

    In June, we announced a new experience that put the convenience of Search into the hands of job seekers. Today, we are taking the next step in improving the job search experience on Google by adding […]

Bing webmaster


  • AMP-lify Your Digital Marketing in 2018

    Posted by EricEngeShould you AMP-lify your site in 2018?This is a question on the mind of many publishers. To help answer it, this post is going to dive into case studies and examples showing results […]

  • Geomodified Searches, Localized Results, and How...

    Posted by jocameronWelcome to the newest installment of our educational Next Level series! In our last episode, our fearless writer Jo Cameron shared how to uncover low-value content that could hurt […]